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Games where the player controls a single character

  • Cached
    Tournament coverage, fingers and player trackers for Unreal Tournament and Quake.

  • BulletPain
    First person shooters community. News, links, forums, shop and general information.

  • Absolute Gamer's Files Archive
    Thousands of downloadable files for games such as Quake, Quake 3, Unreal, and Half-Life. Also includes extra maps, skins, total conversions, updates, and demos.

  • Deep Angel
    A 3D first person submarine simulator based upon the popular internet saga.

  • Fragland
    A Belgian Gaming site that covers all 3D-shooters. Also has some gamerservers running.

  • Gameaholic dot Com - Server Database
    Listing of multiplayer servers for various games including Quake II, Quake III Arena, Hexen, and Unreal.

  • Gamefinger
    A portal for the latest plan files from shooter developers.

  • Bots & Frags
    About first person shooters, bots, and mods.

  • Gamelaunch
    3D game editor for Quake, QuakeWorld, Quake II, Quake III, Hexen II, HexenWorld, Unreal, Sin and Half-Life. Make scripts, or tweak your 3D card.

  • First Person Shoot Out
    Three way comparison of console versions of Quake 3: Arena, Unreal Tournament, and Half-Life.

  • Master Bryan's Multiplayer Site
    Information on Goldeneye, The World is Not Enough and Perfect Dark. Includes chat, forums, affiliates and clubs.

  • Blazing Lasers
    Dedicated to detailing the intracacies of the best shootemups ever, from recent to retro.

  • The Ultimate
    Patches, modifications, files, servers, and links for Quake 2 and Half-Life.

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