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  • Official Nintendo of America
    Note: they do not link

  • Unofficial World of Nintendo!!
    Tips, codes, reviews, game endings, manuals, downloads, interaction, and more for games on all Nintendo systems.

  • Nintendo Code Center
    Tips, codes, passwords, Game Shark codes, Game Genie codes, and more for games on all Nintendo systems

  • Nintendojo
    Staff and reader reviews, previews, editorials, codes, news, and links.

  • NintendoLand
    Fan fiction, facts, reviews, forums, codes, images, and more for games on older Nintendo systems.

  • Super Mario Bros. HQ
    News, pictures, guides, reviews, codes, and links on Mario Games.

  • TNC's Page
    Gameshark Codes and N64 Cheat Codes for Total Anniliation and many other games

    News, a chat room, previews, and downloads

    Message Boards and Chat Rooms to interact with Nintendo fans from all around the world.

  • N64 Zone

  • Nintendo Sports
    The official Nintendo web page for information and news on sport games.

  • Mark's N64 Site

  • Nintendo Awards

  • Action-Replay & X-Plorer 64 (PAL) codes
    More than 150 N64 games and + 2.500 Action-Replay / X-Plorer 64 (PAL) codes for NINTENDO 64. many totally unique codes that are not to be found ahywhere else. The biggest and best Code data base for N64 (PAL) codes world wide.

  • Mario Kart Central
    Mario Kart tips, strategy, codes, multimedia, message board, and more. #1 source for Mario Kart!

  • N64 Information Page

  • N Force HQ
    Games, dolphin info, Mario info, tricks, and more

  • Nintendo Fire
    Cheats, News, Previews, Reviews, Editorials, Links, Chat Room, Message Board, Mail Bag, Fun Section: Java Games, Hall of Fame, Name-that-Tune, Images, and much More!

  • Game Boy Advance Threshold
    Game Boy Advance inf, game walkthroughs, cheats, previews, polls, and other interactive features.

  • Actual Screen Shots Of S.N.E.S. Games
    We've seen many sites offering descriptions and tips for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. But, never any actual photo's or pics. This site contains the actual screen shots from every SNES Game Created. Finally, you can see what you've been missing.

  • fil site
    i review my fav. games for nintendo

  • Nintendo Cult
    Nintendo Cult is a site where you can browse around or say what you think about anything. If you become a member you can enter the Gamers Couch. You may have heard about the Nintendo Cult in the Australian Nintendo Magazine System (no longer avalible) and Nintendo Gamer.

  • Play and View
    Buy and sell new and classic video games.

  • Nintendo Help Online
    Get help on several Nintendo games

  • GGCO
    Game genie codes from NES World Wide. Find codes, and submit your own.

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