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Premier Partner Program

If you have a high traffic, high quality site, you can apply to be a Premier Partner. We often "go the extra mile" to help out Premier Partners when we can. If approved, we will give you:

  • A special highlighted link at the top of the category
  • Possibly extra links and descriptions on other pages
  • All the benefits of our Affiliate Program.
  • Extra personalized attention/perks
In return, we ask for a linkback on your toolbar.
  • You must have a high quality site
  • Your page must appeal to our visitors
  • You must add a text link to us on your navigation toolbar.

To apply, fill out our form and we will review your site. You should add our link to your toolbar. If you are approved we will then add you to the top part of our index.

By simply putting a "Links" toolbar text link to us, we can act as your linkpage without even altering the look of your site. We will collect linkbacks for you and process the sites that apply, saving you work and further building your traffic. (Use alternate text if you want to continue to maintain your own links pages.)

URL (Required):

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Site Title:

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that best fits your site:

Briefly describe what's on your site:

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website get?:



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